"Imagine this Rope is a timeline of your existence"

 - Francis Chan [5:58]

Francis Chan illustrates an example of what our lives actually look like, in perspective to eternity. Within five minutes, Francis Chan digs deep into the reality of life & death, with the purpose of showing us just how out of focus with the reality of life we sometimes are.

"Everyone's broken...Look what i had to do - God"

- Matt Chandler [3:33]

The real reason why we need "forgiveness" described in three minutes. Everyone knows the story that "Jesus" died for ours sins, but not many actually understand the reason behind that statement, or why "Jesus" would even need to do that for us.

Well here you go. 

"Jesus Is"

- Clayton Jennings [3:55]

This short spoken word is about who Jesus Is. Not what the world seems to see Jesus as, but who Jesus to a normal, imperfect human being. Through Clayton's smooth rhymes, he is describing just who Jesus is to him; and that Jesus you hear described in this clip, is the same Jesus that you can also have.



"This is repentance"

- Paul Washer [1:51]

What repentance is, looks & should feel like. In a short, but passionate moment, Paul Washer describes the necessity of what it means to have repentance - and it isn't necessarily what you think it is. Check it out.

"God knew your life was going to be messy. He knew you weren't perfect. No one is. THAT'S WHAT THE CROSS IS ALL ABOUT!"

- Matt Chandler, John Piper, David Crowder (Sermon Jam) [7:04]


Sometimes we cannot come to "God", because we think we are too far gone already. We are too "bad", we've done too much and seen too much to deserve anything. You're not alone, and you don't have to feel that way anymore. God knew every human ever created was going to mess up, everyone has a mess in their lives. That is the reason for the Cross; it cleans up our mess however we are, and brings us the redemption we could not have given ourselves. God cares about you personally.