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  • There are many religions & cults out there that sound pretty legit, and even some Christians would not be able to differentiate between them. Usually all the morals are correct, who doesn't want to be a good person right? But the key to salvation, the view of God, and pretty much the crucially important details that mean the most -  that is  what is changed by other religions when it comes down to the fine details. This is why we need to read and be educated on what the real truths are, and to watch out for the false teachings. (Matthew 7:15)


  • The following links contain information about each individual religion and their beliefs on Jesus, God, Heaven, Hell, Salvation and many other topics. These articles are meant for educational & evangelistic purposes. We are confident that you will find truth & accurate information.  
  • All links & information are sourced from                           Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry