We are a group of passionate young adult Christians, who desire to reach as many people as we can with The Gospel.

Each one of us has had our lives radically changed by Christ in the past few years, and we cannot contain it. This website is one of our, but not the only, methods to reaching the lost through the online world. 

Let's face it, in this day and age we live in an online culture. Cellphones, Macbooks, Tablets, you name it... we spend hours. And we've come to realize that internet researching is one thing many people do when it comes to things they are not comfortable talking about - such as religion.  So our aim is to be that website/organization that can provide reliable answers and connect people with the truth, online or offline.    

Our main purpose & goal of all this is to make access to                                             The Gospel easier, and understanding to the 'curious' non-believer. While maintaining the integrity & seriousness of the holy scriptures. All the while, it is also meant to strengthen & educate new or weak in the faith Christians - while equipping them to share The Gospel.


You can look view this website as an "online tract".

Feel free to share this website as you tell others about Christ!


For all event, speaking, evangelism inquiries you can contact us at the following email address.




If you have any questions regarding anything you have read or seen on this website, or if you desire to know more about Jesus Christ, we would love to chat. Do not hesitate to contact us at anytime with any sort of question! 

Although this website is geared towards educating non-believers, or the less knowledgeable about the Christian faith, we are still passionate about serving our community here in the GTA. We are always willing to work with others in spreading The Gospel. We have experience with & are open to taking part in Speaking Opportunities, Worship Leading Opportunities, and much more.